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For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of a lost pet.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

1.  Enter the name of the pet you are remembering:

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2.  Enter the name(s) of the candle lighters: ex. Jeanne, Nate and Tyler with love

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Listing of Candles

48 lit candles

   For Chino  ~Lit by~ Your family. We love you Chin Chin. Always in our hearts forever and always!

   For Tigger  ~Lit by~ Beckie. I love you buddy.

   For Dozer  ~Lit by~ Brian, Robin, Zoe, Charlie and Gus

   For Dozer  ~Lit by~ Your Family❤️We will 4-ever cherish the joy & happiness you brough

   For Ro-cko  ~Lit by~ tyante

   For Molly  ~Lit by~ Heather

   For Mungo  ~Lit by~ The family

   For Rufus  ~Lit by~ Donna

   For Bigwig  ~Lit by~ Brandy

   For Bear  ~Lit by~ Leslie and Lillian

   For Shay  ~Lit by~ Jackie

   For Franky  ~Lit by~ Jackie

   For Danny   ~Lit by~ Jackie

   For Magic  ~Lit by~ Jackie

   For Pepper  ~Lit by~ Burke Family with LOVE

   For sheila margeta  ~Lit by~ her loving family

   For Sundae  ~Lit by~ Ariel and Mary Ann Carlin

   For Pepper  ~Lit by~ Rest in peace baby girl! You aren't in pain anymore <3 Rianna

   For Princess Dakota Mya  ~Lit by~ We love you dearly! Mom, Dad, Kodi, Robert, Keeto, Croix, Tango, Zauzu, and Max

   For Precious  ~Lit by~ Joleen

   For Trixie Ostendorf  ~Lit by~ NG Staff

   For Bonnie Blue  ~Lit by~ We miss you...Nan & Pat

   For Kratos  ~Lit by~ Christian with love

   For Molly Stark  ~Lit by~ ngah staff

   For Stella  ~Lit by~ Amanda

   For Jackson  ~Lit by~ Marissa

   For Princess  ~Lit by~ Nicole, Ron, Priscilla, Ronnie,& Tianna with love

   For Peyton  ~Lit by~ Colleen

   For Blue Reilly  ~Lit by~ His Family-Reilly

   For Bear  ~Lit by~ Leslie, Ken and Lilly. We miss you and love you Bear!

   For fkuyf  ~Lit by~ fgffdk

   For oliver  ~Lit by~ abigail,larry,connie

   For Miss Priss  ~Lit by~ Lisa

   For Mr Kitty  ~Lit by~ Lisa

   For Peyton  ~Lit by~ Colleen

   For Porter Cole  ~Lit by~ Melissa and The Boys

   For Tavi  ~Lit by~ Chad and Terri - for our gentle ferret. We miss you.

   For Cally  ~Lit by~ Stacey and John

   For Sophie's Pups (Frenchies)  ~Lit by~ Northgate Staff

   For Sydney  ~Lit by~ Diana

   For Murphy -1  ~Lit by~ Sunitha Kamal

   For Jack and Shadow  ~Lit by~ Your family

   For Porter Cole  ~Lit by~ Melissa and The Boys

   For Snappy Cole  ~Lit by~ Melissa and The Boys

   For Mr Kitty  ~Lit by~ Lisa with love in memory of Mr Kitty

   For Sir Topper III  ~Lit by~ Nan

   For Oliver Trotter  ~Lit by~ Northgate Staff

   For Ally  ~Lit by~ Northgate Staff